Top 10 reasons to call IT Support service

People call in for IT support for a number of reasons, but they all call for the same symptoms. Their computers stop working. They cannot access mission critical data or application. Websites are coming up with error messages.


If these scenarios sound similar, you are not alone. Computers have become intertwined in our daily lives, both in our businesses and our personal lives, to the point that when anything goes wrong, people panic.


The following ten items are the most common reasons people call in for IT support. While they may seem like the end of the world to you when they happen, most can be fixed with a single IT support session.


1. Slow running computer.


When you first start your laptop, workstation, or tablet, you may have noticed how fast it worked. Applications loaded in a flash. Documents print the moment you clicked the print button. Business is good. Then, things start slowing down. You might not notice it right away, but at some point everything slows to a crawl.


More programs, more processes, viruses, spam, malware, improper uninstallation or programs, and so many other reasons can cause your computer to slow down. The only solution is to clean it up, clear out some space, and reduce the number of applications running. Ask your IT support technician how you can do this without reducing your productivity.


2. Download speeds are excruciating.


Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may boast about 25mps or higher internet connection speeds, but your staff constantly complains that accessing remote servers are slow. Websites fail to load. Downloading files take forever.


The problem may not be the connection. It may be your computers. We can analyze and resolve your problems with either an on-site visit or through remote processes.


3. Sudden restarting.


Sudden restarts can be devastating. You are working on a project one minute, forgot to save your work, and then your computer restarts, losing all the work you did.


If you took some precautions, you work may still be recoverable. Otherwise, you have to restart from scratch yourself.


Before calling in for IT support, you should first check to see if your computer is running a scheduled update that you had ignored. If this is the case, all a support technician can do is to help you setup a better update schedule.


If your computer is restarting constantly, it could be a virus or adware. Your computer may also be overheating due to too many processes or a faulty fan. In these cases, you need series IT technical support right away.


4. Website certificate issues.


If people are complaining about certificate issues popping up from trusted websites, their system clocks may be out of whack.


Certificate errors reveal themselves as dialog boxes warning that the site you tried to access may have malicious data. Sometimes, you can acknowledge the risk and continue to the website. Other times, you are locked out completely.


If this happens suddenly on numerous sites, you need to check the clocks on those systems. Security certificates sync up with your system’s clock and if it doesn’t match, the page might not load.


You can check the clock by opening it in the system folder and looking to see if it has the correct date and time (and time zone). If the time changed on you, it could be a sign of a virus, malware, or other issue that requires IT support services sooner rather than later.


5. Popup ads all over your desktop.


No longer as bad as it was a decade ago, excessive popup ad malware still affects many business computer systems. You may have inadvertently downloaded some adware or something more sinister. Those popup ads are not just annoying. They can be a serious security breach.


Don’t wait to repair this issue. Have your computers checked and cleaned as soon as possible.


6. Printer is offline.


While setting up a printer is almost plug and play today, your printer can still break down just as well. If your printer goes offline often on its own, or your default printer changes, you might have a serious problem on your hands, especially if you do not know what needs fixing. IT support services can check your printer and network for issues and troubleshoot anything they find, getting you back up and printing efficiently in no time.


7. Certain programs won’t launch all of a sudden.


Every application relies on the computer system’s registry to operate properly. If the registry becomes corrupted, gets damages, or go missing, your applications, even your entire computer, may fail to load.


The first immediate test and solution is to just restart the computer. If that does not resolve the problem, you need to call in for IT support to assess the cause and repair the system.


8. Wi-Fi connection keeps getting dropped.


Your mobiles work fine until you lose the connections to your network. The problem could be with your network infrastructure, your mobile devices, or both. Before you can fix this annoying problem, you need to isolate from where the problem is originating.


9. Accidentally deleting files.


Deleting important files is not fun. You may not even realize you did it until it is too late. While you should always check your computer’s fail-safe location (your ‘recycle bin’ or ‘trash’), you need IT support services when those fail-safes are not an option.


10. USB device won’t work on your computer.


If your flash drive, or other USB device, works fine on other computer systems, not on another, there may be a problem with the connection. It also could be a problem with the device itself. IT support services can resolve the problem and determine where the problem actually lies.


These are the top ten IT support requests, but they might not be your top ten. If you have called for IT support before, feel free to post your reasons for calling support in the comments bellow.


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