IT challenges go beyond the PC into the network

We live in an ever-increasing connected world. I t was less than twenty years ago when people and businesses first started to experience the World Wide Web, over slow dial-up connections, tethered by a cable. Now, the many ways you can access the Internet has exploded. Just about every device from the office to the living room has Wi-Fi capability. In spite all this connectivity, getting our gadgets and devices to work together has become more difficult, and less than half of all small businesses have dedicated IT staff to help them handle these technology challenges.


While the problem of hackers attacking customers and business is nearly a half century old, most users now report setting up and getting their devices to talk to each other over their networks among their top IT concerns. This is where premium IT support comes in to help your business deal with your new digital and wireless office.


IT support services help your business in the following areas:


  • Connecting a diverse range of devices – Your modern office network consists of multiple platforms and form factors such as servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. IT support handles and manages your devices so they all work together without issues.

  • Security – A lot of BYOD (bring your own device) policies allow employees to bring their own personal mobiles to work and access company data creating enormous security risks. IT support makes sure no one is bringing into your network something they should not.

  • Data backup and disaster recovery – IT support services make it easier and cheaper to implement data backup and disaster recovery systems and procedures in spite the wide range of devices holding your important data.

  • Network monitoring and management – Each new device added to your network makes network setup and management more complicated. Despite this, most small and medium sized businesses do not have a dedicated IT department to rely on in the event of a system outage or network breakdown, putting them at a higher risk of prolonged productivity loss.


Small and medium-sized businesses have different technology requirements than larger ones, and having dedicated IT staff may be too expensive for them. IT support services give small and medium sized businesses access to 24x7 technology support that can fit inside any budget.


For instance, most small businesses are much better off using cloud computing applications than local desktop apps. Cloud computing not only provides small businesses enterprise-level tools, but it also gives them enterprise level support including:


  • Affordable accessible 24/7 remote support

  • Broad, scalable technologies

  • On Demand On-Site Services


All good IT support providers understand this and can help your maintain your network infrastructure so your business can always access your applications and data wherever you are.


With the majority of all businesses in North America classified as small businesses, the opportunities for good IT support has been limited. While the market is growing, your best bet in IT support is a local provider that understands your particular needs and circumstances, and therefore can tailor their services to you and your business.


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