Health Care Tools Go High Tech with CliniCloud

The tools that were once thought of as props on Star Trek are here. We are not traveling through space on the Voyager or Enterprise ships; we are right in our own homes scanning ourselves for our doctors to receive the information in the cloud-based platform. It is happening much sooner than most people expected, but the technology is there, and people are using it.

Bluetooth-connected thermometers allow people to check their own vitals and allow their doctor to access their information via the cloud. There are also Bluetooth-connected stethoscopes that do the same thing. These little devices allow the doctor to know if there is something serious going on with their patients. The patients have to, of course, use the instrument to send that information. There are also scales available for people who are trying to monitor weight and blood sugar monitors that store readings in the cloud for doctor review.

The idea is to make it easier on us people with busy lives to send information to our doctors without missing things such as work to go sit in a doctors office all day. It also prevents patients from having to go to the doctor when they are not feeling well. Nobody wants to drive to the doctors office, do the appointment, and the go to the pharmacy when they are not feeling well to begin with. It is much easier to just log on and do what the virtual doctor says such as taking your temperature or blood pressure.

The system works by signing up for a CliniCloud kit and purchasing it at almost $110. Then that connects to the Doctors on Demand service already available. The Doctors on Demand service is an additional cost. This is much higher than a regular thermometer or stethoscope would cost to just buy them, but there is nothing connecting them to doctors. This is the beginning of an age where doctors can diagnose patients virtually over the web and let them know their medical opinion without the patient leaving the house. 

The Doctors on Demand service can be of use to businesses and their employees already. They offer basic health-care and urgent care matters, along with services like seeing Psychologist right from the employees home. It can vut the health- care costs for a business greatly by implementing their program for employees. Employees of a company enrolled in the program can have access to a doctor or Psychologist via their mobile device or computer in less than 45 seconds.

How far is health-care going to go outside of a doctors office and a hospital? Is the future going to be scanners everywhere monitoring our heartbeats and temperatures? If a person has ever experienced a heart attack, had a diabetic seizure with nobody around, or not realized that they had a serious lung infection until it was too late, would probably say this type of medicine that is connecting patients to the cloud is a good thing! 


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